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Volunteers are a vital part of accomplishing our mission.   

If this is you, join us in the beautiful fight:

  • You believe that all creatures deserve to be treated with Compassion and Kindness. No species is more important than another. 
  • You believe Compassion and Kindness can change the world for the better.
  • You believe that Compassion and Kindness can be taught and modeled for future generations.
  • You believe that animals and people, especially children, can heal one another.

If these are your core beliefs and you want to join us in our Crusade for Kindness, become a part of our Team!

We are looking for volunteers to assist in animal care, fundraising, logistics, facilities maintenance, and other crucial aspects of keeping a sanctuary running. Below, please find some of the more common ways in which we could typically use volunteer help. 

Animal Care

With almost 200 animals, making sure they're all watered and have clean stalls can take hours upon end for the Pulliams if they have to do it alone. Volunteers who are able to consistently donate their time to make sure water bowls are filled and pens mucked are some of the most valuable volunteers we can have. A perk of this volunteer position is being able to socialize and interact with our various four-legged friends! 

Weekly Whole Foods Pickup/Dropoff

We're thankful to receive weekly donations of produce from the Charlottesville Whole Foods. At times, it can be difficult for Ron or Lorelei to pick up the donations, as they are the only two full-timers at Ranger's Refuge and may need to attend to other urgent business. Keeping on schedule with pickups is vital to continue receiving the donations though- a reliable volunteer (or set of volunteers) who is able to pick up the donations on Friday evenings and drop them off shortly thereafter would be a welcome addition to our volunteer support.  


The University of Tennessee has the best care available for pigs, that's why we go to them if any of our pigs need medical attention. The drive is long however, and time spent away from the sanctuary is something the Pulliams can scarcely afford to lose. If you are willing and able to take animals to receive veterinary care that they so desperately need, consider reaching out to be a driver for us. 

Skilled Craftspeople

Check back soon for updates on this volunteer opportunity! We appreciate your patience while we update our site. 

Logistics, Fundraising, and Special Events

Check back soon for updates on this volunteer opportunity! We appreciate your patience while we update our site. 

And many more opportunities!

These are by no means the only ways that you can help out. If you're interested in supporting our mission in another way, we'd love to hear your ideas! 

Madison House at UVA


What do Madison House volunteers do at Ranger's Refuge?


Madison House serves as the student volunteer center at the University of Virginia. By being a community partner with Madison House, Gallastar stays connected to our community and has the opportunity to welcome new UVa students every year who care about helping animals. 

Volunteers commit to weekly shifts and provide necessary, routine tasks around the sanctuary, such as mucking out stalls, refilling water stations, and socializing with the animals.


Sign up with Madison House

Madison House volunteers can sign up to volunteer at Ranger's Refuge on the Madison House webpage. Ranger's Refuge is listed under "Gallastar Farms" under the Health, Animals, & Environment Network, in the Animals & Environment subgroup. Registration for the Fall 2018 semester is currently closed, but check back soon for Spring 2019!  


Remember to fill our Student Mileage Reimbursements


We know Ranger's Refuge at Gallastar is a little out of the way for UVa students and we so appreciate those volunteers who drive so far so lend us a helping hand!

If you drive a carpool to volunteer with us, don't forget to fill out the Madison House Student Reimbursement Form on the Madison House Volunteer Resources Page, to receive money back for your gas mileage!

*Reimbursements are offered through Madison House, and are thus only for University of Virginia students volunteering through Madison House*

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