Sponsoring an Animal at Ranger's Refuge


What does sponsoring do?

Sponsors play a huge part in keeping Ranger's Refuge going, and we're so honored to have each and every of our sponsors. 

Sponsors make committed, monthly donations towards the upkeep of a particular animal. This includes food, water, and shelter- all of this taken care of thanks to our sponsors, and you don't even need to get your boots muddy! 


What will you get for sponsoring?

Sponsors receive a certificate of sponsorship along with a uniquely crocheted 'Mini Me' in the likeness of their sponsor animal (the volunteer who creates the Mini Mes currently only does Mini Mes in the likenesses of pigs). 

We are pleased to dedicate this page towards honoring our sponsors and making their dedication to animals and compassion known.

How do you become a sponsor?

Becoming a sponsor is easy- head over to our PayPal page and simply select the option for monthly donations, then move forward with completing your sponsorship donations. Suggested monthly donation is $25.00 per pig or small animal. 

Once your sponsorship is set up, you're good to go! We'll handle getting your Mini Me and certificate of sponsorship to you from there.

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Currently Sponsored Animals and Their Sponsors

While we don't have photos of them up quite yet, the following animals at Ranger's Refuge are also lucky enough to have their own sponsor parents. Thank you, sponsors!


Sponsored by Kate Evans

Baby Marilyn

Sponsored by Amy Ingram

Become a Sponsor

Thank you for becoming a sponsor for one of the animals at our sanctuary! 

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Let Us Know About Your Sponsorship

Don't see your sponsor animal listed? Want to make sure your sponsorship went through? Get in touch!

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