Current Projects

Feed Bills


With almost 160 animals here at the Refuge, we have a lot of mouths to feed!

Vet Bills


In addition to Cooper here, who is recovering from a hoof infection, vet bills from our elderly pigs are piling up. We believe in giving all of our animals the best care for as long as possible in order to assure they have the best quality of life they can. 

Updating the Cabin


We would like to renovate the cabin to be a multi-purpose residence at our sanctuary– to house volunteers staying for long stretches, to serve as a relaxing get-away for veterans, to host sponsors getting to know their sponsor-animals, and more opportunities, yet to come. We hope for our guests to be able to experience the joys and catharsis of living amongst our rescued farm animals, surrounded by the Blue Ridge mountains. One of our volunteers has created a GoFundMe for this specific project. 

Help Update the Cabin

Welcome 18 Orphaned Pigs

Two of the twenty five orphaned pigs.

Ranger's Refuge's Ron and Lorelei Pulliam are helping 27 pigs reach safe sanctuary after their owner has passed away. Four of the pigs have gone to Shepherd's Green Sanctuary, 5 more will be with another local rescue, and the other 18 will stay together with their bonded families at Ranger's Refuge at Gallastar. As you might imagine, taking on 18 additional pigs will come at quite a cost -- so we are raising funds to offset the funds needed for new fencing, shelter, food/water, and the additional veterinary bills.

Support our TShirt Fundraiser

Thank You

Thanks to our amazing supporters and their efforts, we have raised enough funds to get the winterizing projects here started. This is a huge accomplishment, and it was your support that made it possible. Now, our focus shifts towards making sure these projects will see completion, and that everyone has a full belly throughout the winter.


For helping with bringing the winterizing projects full circle, check out our Volunteer page. For contributing towards our feed bills, follow the link below.

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